Achieved 312% Return On Their Digital Marketing Spends

Client Information

Ajmera Tyres, as the name suggests, is one of the leading tyre shop in Nagpur with branches all over the city. They also sell car accessories and are into tyre and wheel servicing services as well.


As tyres is a completely need-based product, push marketing techniques in this scenario are sometimes ineffective unless some offers or schemes are promoted. The objectives that the client wanted to achieve were:

  1. Reaching online users who are in need for the products and services offered.
  2. Increasing the awareness of the brand through social media by promoting offers.


The client was using a push marketing approach using traditional mediums like SMSs and newspaper ads which only served the purpose of branding, but generated very little sales.

  1. Google Search Ads were used to create an online presence of the company. More than 1500 keywords were added to show the clients ads on as many search queries as possible.
  2. As the website of the client had a few inconsistencies, we carried out a free audit to identify areas of improvement in the website. We also ran call only ads whereby after clicking the ad, the customer could directly call the client.
  3. Offers were promoted only to a highly segregated section of the audience on Facebook. As a result, a good number of enquiries were also generated through sponsored ads. It also extended the reach of new branches further.
  4. Website traffics ads for the registration page for the special camp of tyre & wheel services were run on Facebook. Pixels were also used to track the number of customers who registered for the camp.

                      Ajmera Tyres achieved an overall ROI of 312% with Addinfi.

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